Bad Culture is a blog about cultural policy, the value of culture and cultural investment. It focuses on the arguments deployed in discussions about these topics, and the use and abuse of analysis and research produced by the wider cultural sector.

The blog is updated weekly with articles by four people who earn their crust in the creative industries, albeit in quite different ways.

You can contact us on badcultureblog@gmail.com. Comments and suggestions are always welcome, as are ideas for guest posts.

Who we are

James Firth 

As co-founder and CEO of Open Digital Policy Organisation and committee member (and founding member) of Digital Surrey, James is a digital policy and digital media expert. He’s written articles for numerous blogs and mainstream news outlets, including the Guardian; and focuses on technology issues such as digital privacy, online revenue models and the effectiveness of regulatory frameworks.

After studying Physics at the University of Nottingham (B.Sc.) he’s spent his his entire career in the software industry. His professional experience includes telecommunications products in the military, public safety and commercial sectors and web-based tools including budget and portfolio management software. He now focuses on policy work.

Politically active, James is a Liberal Democrat and member of the Farnham branch of the South West Surrey Lib Dems (@swslibdems)

Dawn Langley

Dawn Langley has extensive experience in the non-profit and public sectors as a manager, consultant, policy maker and funder. She was Director of Organisational Development for Arts Council England and has been an independent consultant since 2008 specialising in organisational development, organisational learning and evaluation.

She has an MSc in Change Agent Skills and Strategies and a PhD in organisational learning from the University of Surrey and regularly facilitates change initiatives. Her current research is concerned with the multi-modal nature of learning and the aesthetics of organisations. Dawn is a Fellow of the CIPD, and the RSA.

She also has a mischievous sense of humour, an intense curiosity, a dislike of pointless rules and impatience with the human desire for control. She has four cats and a long-term partner who choose to live with her, a collection of motorbikes and more books than she knows what to do with.

Tina Mermiri 

Tina advises on and conducts research in culture, sponsorship, fundraising, philanthropy and consumer attitudes and behaviour around media and technology.

She is Senior Research Analyst at Live Nation Entertainment, leading on research throughout the company and across departments and brands. She was previously a Senior Researcher in the MediaCT department at Ipsos MORI working for high-profile technology and entertainment clients. She is also a member of the Research Advisory Panel at Arts & Business (where she was Research Manager) and sits on the Board of Tavaziva Dance as a Non-Executive Director/ Trustee.

Tina holds an MSc from the London School of Economics in Culture and Society (with social psychology) and enjoys contributing to related blogs, journals and conferences. She tweets under @tinamermiri.

Jon Treadway 

Jon was Director of Regular Funding at the Arts Council for nearly 5 years. During this time he co-wrote the 2010 report ‘Endowments in the Arts’, produced research on the impact of the recession on arts organisations and produced regular analysis of data from funded organisations.

Before working at the Arts Council, he worked KPMG’s Public Sector Audit & Advisory Services where he obtained his CPFA qualification. He is now a Senior Analyst in the publishing industry and serves Treasurer of Studio Voltaire.

Jon is a regular contributor to the Pod Delusion, and produced their 2011 tribute to Douglas Adams. You can follow him at @jontreadway

Bad Culture was his idea and therefore, in some very real sense, his fault.


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